Free School


a multi-platform documentary film by Esmé





"Free School" is a verité film project documenting the everyday lives of K-12 students at a democratic free school in Brooklyn, New York. Filmed in the year that Donald Trump became president of the United States, "Free School" is an observation of democracy through the lens of students who are given the freedom to govern their own education, and one another.

"Free School" is currently in post-production. Explore this early glimpse into the project as we're now seeking partners to help finish and release it in 2019.


What is the story and overall structure of the film?  Who are the main characters and what is their arc?


Watch visual samples that show the film's cinematic language.  What does it look, feel, and sound like?


Why is this film important, timely, and relevant? What are its key issues, themes, and questions?


How will this film engage with its intended audience? What kind of action of social impact will this film have?


Who is the core team that will bring this project to life? What is their current role and past experience?


Stay in touch with any questions or interest as we work towards the completion and release of the film.