This teaser encapsulates the visual style, mood, and universe of "Free School".

Scene Selects

Watch select footage from a Garden Committee meeting that goes awry to the frustration of some and the delight of others.

Musical Theme

At the musical heart of “Free School” is the classical sound of Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” played on an out-of-tune piano by William Coltrane, a high school senior and grandson of jazz giant John Coltrane. Throughout the film, we will hear the song’s reprisal and eclectic remixes by various artists.

Editing Style

The editing style of "Free School" follows the literary framework of a short story cycle to wholly depict a fragmented community, and to extend an inherent theme – the tension between individual and collective freedom.  Our associative and musical style of editing will poetically interrelate the many students of different backgrounds, all learning in the same space, and in counterpoint with larger society in 2017.


Internet Adaptation

In addition to "Free School" as a feature-length documentary film, we are adapting the project into a collection of short films for the Internet, arranged with the goal of creating an elevated experience when consumed as a whole as opposed to each standalone story.

Understanding the importance of short-form content online and the increasing relevance of stories about a community or a "collective character", we believe the short story cycle is an untapped and natural format for the Internet Age.  Each independent sketch-story may be tagged and filtered according to issues, themes, or characters and in turn, viewer-users may uniquely navigate and arrange their own narrative versions of "Free School".